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1st-Jan-2009 12:00 pm - Friends-Only
Aeli I be!

Hello. My name is Aeli and I probably love you. Any questions? Good. Drop a line if you want to be friended.

(One thing: I have recently gotten through a large enough number of fandom phases to feel the need to add filters. These are RL, SPN, HP, Anime/Manga, and Original Writing. I'm nowhere near as prolific a poster these days as I used to be, and Anime/Manga — largely Prince of Tennis — is my highest-use filter, with a dash of RL from time to time. All fics are locked, and some are filtered, but don't be afraid to friend for their sake.)

Also, a general rule applying to most things pertaining to this journal: Thou Shalt Not Apologize For Rambling. Aeli Has Spoken.

I'm done now.
12th-Jun-2008 03:25 pm - The Littoral Zone
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So this is my latest project, and it would mean a ton to me if anyone felt like wandering over and checking it out — it's just a place where I deposit random things that strike me, whether current events/politics or cool science shit or a poem I like . . . you know. But I try to make it interesting and so on and so forth, and right now I'm updating a few times a day.

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So I'm presently in hyper-work-for-in-17-hours-I-shall-be-done-with-high-school mode, which means I've researched & written two (albeit very short) papers in the past three hours, and I am now onto the really important paper, which is a 15-pager on morality and piety in Horace that culminates the Latin independent study I've been working on for the past year. The poem I'm focusing on is Horace's Carmina 1.3, which critics don't like, but I do. Because it's lovely. And I decided that an excellent way to jump-start my creative process is to post my beloved poem on LJ. So here it is.

Horace: Carmina 1.3Collapse )
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So this is my final English assignment of senior year, and I wrote it in half an hour at 4 AM. Don't judge me! (The assignment was to redefine a symbol from a work we had read recently in a ficlet, or as my English teacher says, a "short short story". I played around with the sea from Cormac McCarthy's The Road; the other parallels were not part of the assignment but just because I felt like it.)

MythsCollapse )

I think it's a tad too heavy-handed. Oh well.
6th-Jul-2007 10:40 pm - The Things We Remember
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When I was younger, I never paid much attention to the news, as I'm sure most of us can say. But it's fascinating to me now to look back and figure out, now with more awareness of context, what events made a big impression on me. For instance, when I was growing up in the '90s, I never read a single headline, but just from the way my parents talked, I came away with two idealized caricatures of human good and evil: Nelson Mandela as the world's angel, and Slobadon Milosevic as her devil. In my subconscious, these figures loom larger than Gandhi or Hitler.

Along a similar vein, the first major world event that I remember with clarity and detail was, predictably, 9/11. It was the beginning of the day in my sixth grade class, only shortly after the start of school, so we didn't know the teachers all that well yet. I remember Mr. C from down the hall running into the room and shouting something to Mr. S — something about a plane from Logan Airport and the World Trade Center. It was on TV, he said; he was showing it to his class. Mr. S went off with him for maybe twenty minutes. Somebody in my class knew that Logan Airport was in Boston; nobody knew where the World Trade Center was. I still associate 9/11 with Boston at least as much as with New York. When Mr. S came back in, he said that he thought the coverage wasn't appropriate for eleven-year-olds and carried on with the lesson. That evening, my parents had the news playing in the living room, something rare in a more newspaper- and radio-oriented household, and I sat alone and watched it while my dad prepared dinner. It was the first time I had ever watched TV news. I didn't feel frightened or upset, just wide-eyed. I asked my mom when she was home from work whether this was as big as Pearl Harbor. What I wanted most of all was to understand the extent of the significance of that day.

What about you? What were the events that opened your eyes, and who were the people whose names lived in legend — or in infamy — during your childhood? I imagine that for an American eleven-year-old now, the ultimate villain is Osama bin Laden or Saddam Hussein. I don't know about the hero; sometimes I wonder if there is one.

I'd really like to hear as many perspectives on this as possible, so all of you, please comment. *begs*
31st-May-2007 06:27 am - Aeli's LJ has a brand new name.
Aeli I be!
So, after quite a while of being very busy and not very around LJ, I've decided to finally take some action about the fact that I'm a paranoid freak and no longer have anything public. Therefore, I have renamed my journal, because the old one was all too findable. I am now hinter. I will shortly be going through fic and unlocking it, but at the moment, I need to go get a shower.

(Oh, a favor — because the old username doesn't connect with the new, if anyone knows places where my fics are recced or any such thing, I'd appreciate it if you'd drop by and let them know about the change? Thank you muchly!)

15th-Feb-2007 06:40 pm - Darfur
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So there are a fair number of you who at least nominally read this journal, although there hasn't been much to read of late. And I'm sure most (if not all) of you are frequently hearing about Darfur, as am I. Only from all the random things that people said, there wasn't really much that I picked up, or what I did was fragmentary and disordered. And a lot of you probably know all about what's going on, but for those who don't, like me, have a brief summary, as impartial as I can make it.

Darfur is a province in western Sudan (the largest African country, directly south of Egypt) that is roughly the size of France. In a country dominated by Arabs, Darfur's population is largely black African and impoverished, and they have long accused the government of neglecting their needs. In 2003, a rebel group subscribing to this belief launched an insurgency against the Sudanese government, and conflict erupted from there.

The Sudanese governmental forces has been accused of various atrocities, although the UN has stopped short of labeling Darfur's conflict a genocide, but chief among these accusations is that of being affiliated with and indeed passing orders directly down to the Janjaweed militia, a group responsible for slaughtering, raping, and looting from Darfurians. The Janjaweed has also been accused of attempting ethnic cleansing in some areas. The government, however, denies all associations with the Janjaweed, and the president, Omar al-Bashir, has called them "thieves and gangsters."

Over 2 million Darfurians have been displaced due to the conflict, and research dating from September 2006 places the death toll at 200,000, although it is unclear what proportion of that is attributable to fighting and what proportion to disease in the crowded refugee camps. Humanitarian aid at said camps is severely strained; conditions are horrible, and medicine virtually unavailable. Some areas of Darfur are too dangerous for aid workers to enter. Some 200,000 refugees have crossed the border into Chad, but the area into which they have passed is currently embroiled in the early stages of its own inter-ethnic conflict the Oxfam says could develop into a disaster similar to that in Darfur.

In May 2006, the Sudanese government and one faction of the rebel forces signed a peace deal. However, since then, the rebel faction, headed by Minni Minawi, has turned against other rebels who refused to sign. If anything, violence has escalated since the peace deal was signed. The AU (African Union) has sent 7000 peacekeeping troops to Darfur, but this number is far and away too small to quell the violence in such a vast region, not to mention that these soldiers have not been paid in months and morale is extremely low, or that the AU is experiencing great difficulty in recruiting more troops. A large part of the international community, especially the Western countries, desires to send UN peacekeeping forces into Darfur with or without approval of the Sudanese government, which has approved the UN's logistical support for the AU troops but not its direct involvement in peacekeeping, and the AU has supported Sudan's decision. For a more detailed look at the pros and cons of UN forces in Sudan, refer to this debate between a professor at Smith College who favors UN invervention and an Egyptian reporter who opposes it. Other informative links about Darfur can be find in the right-hand sidebar.

I'm hoping this was informative, readable, and concise enough that you don't hate me for not lj-cutting, and I hope I'm not telling everyone exactly what you already know. If you have any thoughts on the conflict, on the best way for the international community to deal with events, etc., I would absolutely love to hear it. I'm also thinking of making this into a series, partly for the sake of my own broader awareness of what's going on with the world; please do tell if you think that's a good idea. And of course, thank you very much for reading.
29th-Jan-2007 05:55 pm - High School Reform
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Mom: How was your day at school?
Aeli: Good. I sorta kinda maybe might have committed to leading a crusade to completely revolutionize our educational system.

The problems my tentative plan seeks to solve:
  • Our school's current curriculum is redundant and repeats uninspiring material in bland survey courses throughout high school. AP Chemistry, for instance, is largely repetition of first-year Chemistry, with a little bit of material more.

  • The AP system is very big here, and curricula are mostly taught to the test, providing good scores but little well-rouunded knowledge.

  • Interesting electives (e.g. Holocaust, Vietnam, Political Science, Creative Writing, Anatomy) are relatively scarce, as teachers are largely devoted to teaching survey courses that prepare students for standardized tests.

  • Advanced students become extremely segregated from students in less advanced courses, and there is little upward mobility.

Key elements of the plan:
  • Survey courses should be integrated. Supplemental work should be provided for students interested in taking AP exams or simply in deepening their knowledge, but no AP courses should be offered. Advanced students should not be placed out into separate classes, but rather all students should be given the chance to complete supplemental material that deepens their understanding of the course material. This material should be available to all students, therefore making advanced work far more dependent on motivation than previous performance. On transcripts, advanced work should appear as a sub-class below the class itself, perhaps with a percentage of advanced assignments completed. (This is a system which a biology teacher implemented last year to great success in combined honors and regular sections.)

  • By integrating survey courses geared to slightly different levels of capability, the school will occupy fewer slots in the schedule with redundant survey courses and therefore have more time available for specialized electives dependent on the interests of both students and teachers. This will not only deliver students an intellectual environment more individually stimulating but also get teachers more excited about their classes and possibly attract interested and motivated teacher candidates that might otherwise pass our school by.

  • Students will be allowed more freedom in terms of what classes they are allowed to take when. Courses will certainly still have pre- and co-requisites, but underclassmen as well as upperclassmen will be allowed to take electives, and while a certain number of survey courses in a certain distribution of subjects will be required, students will have far more control over their own academic schedules.

This plan has problems, and I am the first to acknowledge that. It's a radical change for our school that probably isn't very feasible, and it will need to be gradually implemented, but I believe that it's something that, with refinements, could happen. I'm meeting one on one with a school committee member at some point in the near future to discuss this idea with him. In the meantime, if anyone at all has ideas about this, or flaws to point out, or anything, please comment and say so. I know a lot of you have had completely different educational experiences than I have, and I would love your input.
24th-Dec-2006 01:44 pm - SanaAto Fic
PoT: Sanada 2
All right. So here is the story of this SanaAto fic.

Its first incarnation was back in September, when I wrote a version that had so many canon discrepancies that I quickly scrapped it and started a new version. The new version, with many, many edits, is what you have here. I have more than once written pages and pages of this thing, decided that they don't fit, and crossed them all out. Ironically enough, this fic existed almost in its final form over two months ago, just after Columbus Day weekend, but at that point I intended to make it longer, and I have additional material that I've scrapped since.

This fic may have a sequel at some point, if I stop hating it quite so much. Hey, it might even have multiple sequels — you never know. But for the time being, as an early Christmas present, have yourself a little over 7000 words of untitled SanaAto, and I hope you manage to enjoy!

(Anime canon. Spoilers through ep117 or so. Contains YukiSana as well. Dedicated with love to firescribble, crystalusagi, and moonythestrals. ♥)

Untitled SanaAto Fic - 7000 words, NC-17Collapse )
15th-Dec-2006 06:23 am - guess what?
PoT: D1 manga

I know, you're all just about dying of shock.

ETA: I've just now publicized this, but I haven't undergone any efforts to edit it or, you know, give it a title or adequate header information. I am afraid it all looks very informal and not at all worth reading. I apologize for that. I shall edit this stuff in the future, I promise.

Title: . . .
Fandom: PoT
Pairing: Yagyuu/Niou
Rating: R. NC-17. I dunno. Whatever you want for boysex.
Word Count: 6067
Notes: For firescribble. ♥
Warnings: This fic, like most D1 fic, is heavily dependent on manga canon. If you haven't read through chapter 208 or so of the manga, a lot of the basis of this fic will be lost on you. Also, the ending sucks and could've been good only it was late and I was just trying to finish the thing so I could post it this morning. And I might go back and edit it later and make it better but right now I'm going to let it suck.

D1 ficCollapse )
10th-Oct-2006 11:57 pm - Autism Awareness
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You know how people talk about strangers you meet for a few minutes who change your life forever? And it sometimes feels a little bit lame, you know, because it's really idealized and it's not the sort of thing that happens very often. But from time to time it actually does, and I start feeling like a horribly cliché human being, but hey, what happens happens.

If someone told me to write a composition inspired by the word 'hope' . . .Collapse )
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So. I, my twelve-year-old autistic brother, my mother, and I are currently in backwoods Virginia, visiting my aunt and uncle on their farm. My brother has always had a fascination with disasters, and we decided this was an opportune moment to let him try out a fire extinguisher. My uncle built up a bonfire, an enterprise which he greatly enjoyed, and we all came down, bearing several fire extinguishers with us. My brother put on gloves and blast goggles -- both unnecessary -- and took his stance by the fire. I was ready with the video camera.

The first fire extinguisher failed to discharge.

Fortunately, we were prepared, and my uncle immediately provided a second fire extinguisher.

The second fire extinguisher failed to discharge.

My uncle rushed inside and came out bearing three more fire extinguishers. He handed the next to my brother.

The third fire extinguisher failed to discharge.

"He can't squeeze it hard enough," my relatives declared. My mom tried. My uncle tried. Not a one of them could get any of the fire extinguishers to discharge.

Finally, the fourth fire extinguisher discharged. A white foam sprayed everywhere, and smoke erupted from the fire. My brother was shouting with excitement.

When the smoke cleared, the fire was still burning.

"Let's try another," said my mom, determined to make this work. My brother took the final fire extinguisher in his hands, pulled the pin, and squeezed. It discharged even more spectacularly than the fourth, but it was to no avail. The fire burned on.

"All right," declared my aunt, "we're bringing in the BIG guns." She went tromping inside and returned with a one gallon jug of water. My mom and I readied our video cameras, laughing. My aunt marched up the fire, uncapped the jug, and upended it.

The fire went out immediately.

So. The moral of this story? When your house catches on fire, don't go for the fire extinguisher.

Freaking run.
SPN: Sam/Dean in garden
Title: Eyes on the Road
Characters: Sam and Dean
Category: gen
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1251
Spoilers/Warnings: nothing major; mention of character death
Summary: They drive, they live, they carry on.
Note: Something I wrote a few days ago, inspired by driving along the Airline from Bangor to Calais. I'm going to start posting fic publicly on this journal, for anyone who's wondering—just makes life easier and all.

Speed limit 55, Dean's going seventy.Collapse )

Review? ♥
SPN: Dean in icon corner
Mom's birthday today. Dad cooked chicken for her, and I've been feeling sick all evening with the scent of it wafting up from the grill. Not so pleasant. Nearly threw up a little while ago. I'd just never realized that vegetarianism had made meat just straight-out squick me. *shrugs*

Here, have some fic:

Title: Cloudburst
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2770
Summary: Late June in South Dakota, tourists and prairie dogs and sweltering temperatures. This is the kind of country that sells itself on its ghost towns, so it just figures one or two might be real.
Notes: Written for dea_liberty in response to her request for Sam/Dean in the rain. Remixed by the wonderful estrella30.
Original Location: here

CloudburstCollapse )

Review? ♥
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